sabiduria north coast towers egypt

sabiduria north coast towers egypt

"2015 sabiduria egypt"

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I Sabidouria . Jdrani secrets between green and Judy , that have not discovered only came to 
sabiduria north coast towers egypt,sabiduria egypt
sabiduria north coast towers egypt

see me one day and enjoy the soft Bermala Aamwage quiet . I Sabidouria he designed a special world for you to find everything you wish to spend a good time and live life to the welfare of complete privacy in summer and winter world of integrated services , sophisticated always feel inside that you aloneSabidourea secrets of the most beautiful ... is integration between architecture and the environment known as green architecture ... where it is for the first time in the northern coast of the use of building techniques in harmony with the environment and even maintain it and increase it too beautiful and purity ... starting from the soil "Earth" , which will be used in the manufacture of brick construction "Construction Blocks" into the air , which will use natural heat insulation in the walls circle technique "Cavity Walls" through solar energy to heat water and generate clean energy used for lighting . In addition to the use of vertical agriculture "Living Walls" to cover the walls of the buildings for the first time in the northern coast of the increase of green space for the colors of nature takes you flowers and roses of every hand . Which is given in the end, a new concept of building harmonious with nature to make Sabidourea pollution-free environment in all its forms .


    Kilo 50 after Mr. Abdulrahman
Payment system

10% deposit and the remaining amount on the premium 5 years
Entertainment district planned to be the center of fun and excitement on the North Coast with the services and facilities include:

- Aqua Park
- Social Club
- Medical Center
- Restaurants and cafes
- Shops
- Equestrian Club
- Children's park
- Bungee Jumping
- A small zoo
- Nurseries for children
- Winter Activities
- Botanical Garden
- Aquarium

 For reservations and inquiries